Acid-base Physiology

1.1 - Overview

Gas Archive

This page provides access to some very old notes that were called the 'Gas of the Week' These use actual ABGs and patient histories to illustrate the method of blood gas analysis within the framework of overall patient assessment. The discussions frequently extend into related areas of Physiology so that they cover much more than just acid-base physiology. Hopefully they are broadly useful to clinicians and not just to trainees preparing for college exams. The focus was mostly on Anaesthetic and Intensive Care situations.

The postings are structured as a discussion between a (learned) Anaesthetic Consultant and a keen Anaesthetic trainee.

The approach to gas analysis is that presented in my Acid-Base text. That text contains numerous worked examples

The pages are being slowly updated from the old-style formatting and defunct links will be deleted.

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Kerry Brandis. 

The Gases

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