Acid-Base Physiology

Errata: "The Physiology Viva: Questions & Answers"

This page provides a listing of Errors which have been found in "The Physiology Viva: Questions & Answers".

The book is re-printed several times per year and errors are corrected as they are found.

Some or all of the following errors may already have been corrected in your copy.

  • Errors numbered 1 to 4 were corrected in the October 2005 print run.
  • Error number 5 was reported in August 2006 and corrected in copies sent out after then
  • Error number 6 was reported in February 2007 and corrected in the next print run.

If you notice any errors (or possible errors), then either contact me by email or post your comments on the Bulletin Board on this site.

Thanks, Kerry.

1. Error on p133 (in pre-Oct 2005 copies)

Near the bottom of the page, in the dot point titled Haldane effect, replace pO2 with pCO2 so the sentence reads: " . . while the saturation rises from 75% to 97% then the arterial pCO2 will be 55mmHg . . "

2. Error on p180 (in pre-October 2005 copies)

Towards the bottom of the page, in the dot point about Gi, replace "activation" with "inhibition" so the dot point reads: " Gi - mostly having inhibitory effects via adenyl cyclase inhibition".

3. Error on p202 (in pre-October 2005 copies)

In the sentence that begins "The gene for H codes for a transferase enzyme. . .", replace the word "fructose" with the word "fucose".

4. Error on p224 (in pre-October 2005 copies)

In the dot point that begins "The protein content is ..." the units are wrong. Please replace the incorrect "(20mg/l)" with the correct "(20mg/dl)"

5. Error on p235 (in pre-August 2006 copies)

The sub-unit structure of the nicotinic receptor is wrong in pre-August 2006 copies.

The sub-unit composition of the nicotinic ACh receptor is wrong. It should say alpha, beta, delta, epsilon. (ie replace the gamma in pre-Aug 2006 copies of the book with a delta).

The 2 forms of receptors in muscles are:

  • the adult-type - alpha(2), beta, delta with epsilon and
  • the embryonal or extra-junctional type - alpha(2), beta, delta and gamma.

Neural activity suppresses transcription of the gamma subunit and stimulates transcription of the epsilon subunit which is localised to the NMJ. Conversely, with denervation, excess gamma subunit is produced and the nAChR reverts to the embryonic form.

6. Error on p36  (reported 18th Feb 2007)

In the last paragraph the reference to H+-Cl- exchange is wrong; it should read: "Hyperkalaemia occurs due to H+-K+ exchange across cell membranes ..."  (ie replace the Cl- with K+).

This page last updated 18th February, 2007