EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

How to Guide (from Australian bank accounts only)

Step 1: Can I pay by EFT?
  • EFT payments are accepted only if you are transferring your payment from an Australian Bank Account. This is reliable and only takes a couple of days to reach my account.
  • If you are working outside of Australia but have an Australian account that is OK; just select the correct cost amount for the mailing destination (see list in Step 2)
  • EFT payments from bank accounts outside of Australia are not accepted because of the significant charges extracted by the intermediary processing bank which make this uneconomical for you.
  • If paying from UK, rest of Europe, New Zealand, Canada, USA, please use the PayPal option. Payment must be in Australian dollars.
  • UPDATE(February 2022): At present, Australia Post is not accepting parcels for delivery to Ireland. According to their website, Ireland requires the addressee to have an import permit. There does seem to be more to it than that if they won't even accept the item in Australia. I can send to a UK address of a friend/relative but then it is up to them to get it to you. I can still send to other EU countries so this is not a EU issue.
Step 2: Determine the book cost based on mailing destination
  • For Express Post delivery within Australia: $A90
  • For Air Mail delivery to New Zealand: $A97
  • For Air Mail delivery to Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia: $A100
  • For 'Air Mail' delivery to UK, Eire, Europe (other), USA or Canada: $A110 (Registered Post to UK & other Europe)
  • For all other destinations: Contact me first: kerrybrandis@gmail.com

(All prices in Australian $)

Step 3: Transfer the funds using the Account details below

My account details are:

  • Name: Kerry Brandis
  • Bank: Suncorp-Metway Bank
  • BSB No: 484-799 (This is essential for bank to bank transfers within Australia)
  • Account: 121913590

Identify yourself: Make sure you provide some details (e.g. name) in the Reference Name/Number section of your payment transfer so I can identify the payment as being from you. The words "viva book" or similar do not identify you.

Important Note: Transfers from International Banks are NOT accepted due to numerous difficulties particularly the high fees extracted by the Intermediary Bank. The easiest way to pay from outside Australia is by using PayPal. See the PayPal information page on this site for details.

Step 4: Contact me by email with your details

Make sure that you send me an email ( kerrybrandis@gmail.com ) with details of your EFT payment AND remember to include your name and address so that I know where to send the book.